The Ecurie Vuillemin Eventing



BOMACO, French leader of equestrian construction and privileged partner of the E.V.E, brought all its knowledge to make in the construction of the stables made up of boxes 3.00 x 3.00 in Douglas wood.



The first boxes were installed in 2009. At the end of 2011, teams BOMACO have just finished the construction of a second slice of boxes. Their quality and speed of intervention allow, in the future, and at any time, to envisage one 3rd slice, if necessary.




The grooming area, covered, plated with rubber tiles, can provide care for horses in the best conditions for the rider, the veterinarian, the osteopath, the equine dentist and the blacksmith.

The shower is near in order to limit at best the manipulations of the horse after the effort.


The work of the horses is made in a sand pit of 70 X 40 m equipped with a watering programmable and regularly smoothed for their comfort.

A park of 15 fences allows the work on bars and a pack of cones to repeat the training of dressage.



After the effort, the comfort. For the morale of horses, the vast paddocks are automatically fed with water and are surrounded by fences with 3 strings treated by autoclave.





For the end of 2013, are under consideration:

  • The realization of a garden spring, dedicated to the discovery of fences fixed and varied for the young horses.
  • The installation of a six horses walker.