I was born on Friday, August 18th, 1989, to Suresnes, in Hauts de Seine.

     One Sunday of the winter 1991, my parents, as many of the others, thought of pleasing me by offering me a ballad to pony in the forest of Saint Germain en Laye. It was the very first time when “I rode on horseback”.

     One year later, it was my “little” brother, Douglas, - we have only one year of distance -, who joined me on the saddles of the ponies of walk.

     In 1992, all the family settles very close to Senlis in some cable's lengths of the Pony Club of Chamant. And it is there, at Mr. ROZE, that from 1993 to 2003, we made, with my brother, our weapons for pony, in CSO, supervised by a monitor, hard, but so competent; Mr de FONTENAY.

     The decade ends by our first participation in the French championships of Lamotte Beuvron in CSO, but also by the discovery of the Eventing.


From autumn, 2003, we joined the Stables of Pontarmé, near Senlis, and his international rider; Eddy SANS, assisted at the time by a young rider, Alexis LEMAIRE.

    It was the discovery of my discipline; the discipline queen! THE EVENTING. 

    Eddy accommodated us with our ponies, with open arms, while his owners' stable accommodated only high-level horses. He transmitted to me all the bases of my equitation and, especially, was and stays, still today, the only one to be able to transcend me when I doubt. He is THE coach!!

    2004 was one year "Eventing" which ended in our qualification, my brother and me, in the Championships of Lamotte Beuvron; the great Mass of the French pony. It was also the end of our "period ponies "; thanks to Canga de Loulay, Hurry de Garenne and Asti des Chouans to have accompanied me!


At the end of the winter 2003, my mother had transferred at Eddy a horse that she had receipt a few years earlier to make stroll. But too big, awkward, badly drawn up, frightening her, she had immediately put it in the meadow in Brittany and everybody had forgotten him… except me. My brother having definitively opted for the rugby that he practiced in parallel with equitation for many years, I knew that one day, it would be my first horse!

    In his return, it was the sadness; he was enormous, without tail and especially, he did not know anything… at 8 years! He was called HADRIEN II.

And nevertheless, it will prove to be a prodigy. Under the eye informed about Eddy, he will progress in a phenomenal speed; much faster than me, what will not still allow me to exploit him at most of its for a long time hidden capacities.

For better understanding, some dates:

     ° Winter, 2003 A horse, looking like nothing, lands at Eddy in the middle of high-level horses, sharpened, them, as athletes.

     ° June 2004, Eddy organizes a power with the stable and, I win, while jumping 1.75m with Hadrian which, through work, started to reveal himself.

     ° July 2005, I am Champion of France Juniors with Hadrien II, which now has become an extraordinary Eventing horse.

     ° September 2006, I am selected in French team Junior and takes part in my first Championships of Europe in Ireland with….Hadrien II !!!! 

 Unfortunately, at the winter 2006, he made his first tendinitis and despite everything the care taken for 18 months, he made a relapse quickly. Today, he enjoys a peaceful existence in RODEZ, in the meadows, at Nicolas BUTIN. Thanks to you old Champion!


From the wound of Hadrien, my grandfather decided to invest in raises i. And even there, Eddy was determining! He sent to us at Eric's Vigeannel to try a mare which he followed for some time. It was the love at first sight! It was her and nothing else: JOIE D’HELBY! She gave me so much! With her, we participated in four European championships; 1 in junior, 3 in Young Rider. We won two following years the CCI2 ** YR of Dijon and classifications were numerous; Martinvast, Waregem, Pompadour, Grind, Jardy, Bazoges, etc...... In 2011, she stopped her career on wound to dedicate itself to the foaling. Thanks to you my faithful Accomplice!


Even if I spent a lot of time on horseback, the studies were always privileged by my parents; it was thus of fair's fair. On the other hand, I knew and wanted very early to turn to the trades of the Horse. Even there, my parents framed me, supported, helped to go in this way but, always, in the only condition; that this way is excellence. Consequently, from my entry to second, my main aim was to make a success of the entrance examination for the National School of Equitation of Saumur after the obtaining of the high school diploma.

    2008 were the one pivotal year, doubtless the most difficult, but by far the most beautiful.

Indeed, this year there, I obtained my High school diploma, I was received at the entrance examination of the ENE to follow the program of the Initial Training – License + BEES2-, I integrated the Young Pole France, I was selected to take part in my third Championships of Europe and….I obtained my driving license!


    It was an extraordinary year but, also, the last one where I went on holiday! The three years which will follow were very hard; physically, morally. To cumulate the studies, the formation, the high level; it was necessary to cling with its batch of joy, sorrow, euphoria, victory, of choice, of abatement etc… Fortunately my family was there to support me and sometimes for reboost me! And there was beautiful moments; Kreuth 2008, Dijon, 2009, BPJEPS, Waregem 2009, Dijon, 2010, the DEUST, Pardubice 2010 etc. New horses accompanied me during this period; Halcion, Ruby Belloc, Kyldia, Quarterback, Stargate. Thanks to them!


Today, at the end of 2011, a page turns.

     6 years passed since my resolutions taken in fifth year of high school and almost all my sporting and formation objectives were carried out. My "first life " ends successfully and the "second" begins; that of the Rider Professional.

     No doubt, it will not be easy every day, but with a solid training provided by the executives of the IFCE, the BEES2 obtained in 2011 and a License of Management Equestrian Activities obtained in 2012, complemented by a solid experiment in competition, I have from now on much assets to develop myself in this business and to propose, through my structure Stable Vuillemin Eventing, numerous services intended for my future customers, Owner, Breeders and Partners.

" Where the willingness is great, the difficulties decrease " Nicolas Machiavel